Your Personal Cancer Prevention Plan

Your Personal Cancer Prevention Plan

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I’m juuuuust finishing up my Holistic Cancer Practitioner course and we recently had to create a personal prevention program. It was very cool and bizarre to take a deep dive into my own life (which seems weird because I’m in it)..and see where I could be making a few small adjustments that could go a long way.

The first step in creating a personal cancer prevention program involves bringing awareness to the areas of your life that are of highest risk. Are you eating well? Sleeping enough? Are you doing work you love? Are there potential toxins in your environment?

Things to avoid or begin to reduce:

  • Electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure 
  • Scented cleaning or body products
  • Plastic containers
  • Geopathic stress, chronic stress, and toxic relationships

Things you could include in your cancer prevention plan:

  • Earthing/ Grounding
  • Movement and meditation 
  • Hobbies you love
  • Rebounding or jumping for the lymph system
  • Social support and strong relationships
  • Castor oil packs for hormonal balance and liver detoxification
  • Go for regular walks in the sun
  • Implement a consistent sleep cycle/circadian rhythm

And of course, nutrition adjustments. Implementation of an anti-inflammatory diet that consists of whole foods and things like turmeric and dark berries can reduce your risk of developing mitochondrial abnormalities. Eliminating dairy and gluten will reduce inflammation in the body as well. Begin supporting your microbiome (your internal ecosystem within the gut) via probiotic foods, bone broths, and coconut oil.

Cancer IV Vitamin C

IV Vitamin C as a preventative measure

IV vitamin C can be a part of your prevention plan because of the fact that the antioxidant vitamin C will promote oxidation when it circulates in very high concentrations in highly oxygenated blood. Healthy cells tolerate high dosages because of catalase, an enzyme that neutralizes oxidation immediately. Catalase is abundant in our blood and normal tissues but generally scant in malignant tumors— this lack of catalase within cancerous tissues allows vitamin C’s oxidative capacity to selectively kill malignant cells.


While it sometimes can feel like cancer is everywhere, there is plenty we can do on a day-to-day basis to prevent it from occurring close to home. Message me if you have questions or want to chat about creating your personal prevention plan.

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