Butts By Tom

Butts By Tom

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Nothing better than a peachy looking butt. (I’m referring to Tom’s, not mine).

But, I do depend on my hubby to help keep me looking at my peachiest! 

I do, after all, live in my Volleyball uniform half the year 😛     



My favorite 3 exercises to keep your peach looking perfect involve mini infinity bands that you can use in the mornings and roll up into nothing.

They take up no space, I can take with me when I travel. ✈️

Try these exercises 3x a week, even if its all you have time for! You’ll be burning, let me tell ya!

1.Clamshell (20 per side) 


2.Fire Hydrant (20 per side) 


3. Single-Leg Glute Bridge (30 seconds per side) 



Add these stretches in after if you have tight hips (which most people do) and you likely will if you’re working your butt a lot: 

  • Half-Kneeling Stretch (forward pelvic tilt *squeeze your peach) 
  • Hip Flexor Deadbug (with mini-bands) 


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